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Who Are We?

In the heart of Rabat, Wejha was born from the fervent vision of Ichrak and Ikram, two minds ignited by a singular purpose: to redefine the international educational journey. it is the bridge to limitless horizons, the Moroccan agency that ignites dreams and empowers students to study abroad, transcending boundaries and embracing a world of possibilities.

At Wejha, We stand as a testament to perseverance, offering more than guidance, and today, as Wejha continues to flourish, our invitation stands: Trust us to be your compass in a world bursting with opportunities. Join us in shaping your success story because, at Wejha, your dreams know no boundaries.


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Our Vision

To create borderless world of scholars where diversity fuels innovation and learning transcends borders.


Our Mission

To pave the way for every ambitious student to access top-notch educational opportunities worldwide.


Our Values

Empowerment, Diversity, Integrity, and Excellence - are the guiding stars that steer our ship through uncharted waters.

Our Services

Services we are offering is specifically designed to meet your needs



We are your steadfast companions providing the guidance to secure the essential documents for your visa application process.



We navigate all university applications, ensuring you find your perfect academic match.



Empowering students with tailored scholarship guidance for studying abroad



Simplify your stay abroad with our personalized accommodation solutions.



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What Makes Us Different?

Wejha isn't about one-size-fits-all advice. We take pride in our personalized approach, crafting bespoke strategies for each student. Our guidance isn't just informative; it's a handcrafted roadmap, uniquely designed to navigate your individual aspirations.

Backed by a robust network of prestigious institutions worldwide, we blend global opportunities with local insights. We understand the Moroccan educational landscape, giving us an edge in steering you toward the best-suited international programs.

Talk is cheap; results speak volumes. Wejha thrives on success stories – the countless students whose dreams we've turned into realities.

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  • IconExpert Admissions Guidance.
  • IconStrong Network.


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Our Team

Save your time and money by choosing our professional team

Ichrak and Ikram are the visionaries behind Wejha with a shared passion for guiding students towards success, they bring years of invaluable experience in the field. Their vision fuels our commitment to personalized guidance and innovative strategies, ensuring every student receives a tailor-made roadmap towards their dreams.

Behind the scenes, our efficient administrator and consultants keeps everything running smoothly, ensuring your experience with Wejha is seamless, the whole team are your allies in this journey. We are here to listen, understand, and strategize alongside you.

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Exceptional support and guidance! The Student Orientation Agency went above and beyond to ensure a seamless transition into university life. Their insightful advice and comprehensive orientation programs made my entry into college smooth and exciting. Highly recommended!


Incredibly helpful and welcoming! The Student Orientation Agency made me feel right at home from day one. Their team's dedication to providing valuable resources and personalized assistance was invaluable in navigating the complexities of starting my academic journey. Thank you for your unwavering support!


A fantastic experience with the Student Orientation Agency! Their commitment to helping students adjust to university life is commendable. From informative sessions to fostering a sense of community, they played a pivotal role in making my transition to campus life both enjoyable and stress-free. Grateful for their invaluable services!